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King's Beard Elixir is made with the quality carrier and essential oils.

2 oz. dropper bottle


"Flourish" may aide in beard growth. It's not a magic oil, so it won't magically make your beard grow. It does, however, include ingredients that can make skin conditions better for optimal hair growth.*

Ingredients: Oils (sweet almond, coconut, castor), Essential oils (lavender, rosemary)


"Smooth Operator" may help with flaky, dry skin, also known as beardruff.*

Ingredients: Oils (jojoba, apricot kernel, castor), Essential oils (frankincense, clove leaf)


"Conditioner" does exactly what it says. It may help condition and moisturize your beard.

Ingredients: Oils (jojoba, grapeseed), lavender essential oil

King's Beard Elixir

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